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Google Grant FAQs

Please find answers to some of the most common questions we encounter.

Google Ads Grant FAQs


What are the chances that my non-profit will be approved for a Google Ad Grant?

ANSWER: While there is no official data on the actual percentage of applications which are approved, a high majority (90% +) of the non-profits we've worked with were approved. 


If my non-profit is approved, what types of promotion is recommended?

ANSWER: There are many ways that non-profits and charities can use a Google Grant including:

  • Driving traffic to Donation web pages.

  • Increasing your Donor database.

  • Promoting events.

  • Recruiting volunteers, members and supporters.


Are there requirements to keep a Google Ads Grant active?

ANSWER: Yes! Google has loosened some of these requirements over the years, but they do require that certain metrics are meeting their standards. Some of these include:

  • Click-thru-Rates must meet or exceed 5%.

  • Ads must be written in accordance to their Terms of Service policy.

  • While not published, Google will want to see your non-profit actively utilize as much of your grant as possible. Grants typically are $10,000 per month — it's advantageous to use as much of it as possible.


After the initial launch, can we manage the Google Ads ourselves?

ANSWER: Yes! We are able to assist you with ongoing maintenance, but we can work with your team to ensure that they understand exactly what needs to be done moving forward to maintain your grant.


If for some reason we are not approved for the grant, is there a still a fee?

ANSWER: No - if your non-profit is not approved, there is no fee.

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