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CMO Leadership
Without the Overhead

Breakout Marketing Strategy & Execution Unique to Your Business

Financial Reports

Pay for what you need.

According to, the average CMO salary range in 2023 is $210,000 - $345,000 not including benefits.

With a Fractional CMO, you pay for the same skill, but without the commitment of a full-time W2 employee.

This allows capital to be allocated more efficiently to other c-level, mid-level, and support roles within your organization.


Reduce risk.

Hiring the wrong executive can be painfully expensive. Recruiting costs can easily add another 20 - 25% onto the total cost of hiring.


Making the wrong hire not only eats up valuable capital, but costs time.

With a Fractional CMO, companies can access veteran talent without the commitment in time and money of a traditional hire.


Scale-up faster.

Need more (or less) involvement from your Fractional CMO?


Whether you need to ramp up to meet demand or you need to dial down to free up capital, a fractional team member can adjust to your business needs.

Fractional engagements can provide talent for as little as a few hours per week, to full-time, and anywhere in between.

Bob Curtis, CISSP, WI

"Jason’s leadership, dedication, a keen understanding of his audience, and his marketing prowess are among the magic ingredients for his success. I highly recommend Jason Huett to anyone in need of executive mentoring, marketing expertise, or fresh ideas for how to best connect with their customers. He is definitely the person you want (and need) on your team!"

3 Levels of Service


Fractional CMO

Does your team need flexibility bringing a variety of challenges to the table?


If so, the Fractional CMO path gives your team the freedom to create the agenda without restrictions.


Contract: Mo-to-Mo
Hours per month: 20
Retainer: $5,000/month


Fractional CMO+

Do you need a Fractional CMO to drive your business' Marketing Strategy and Plans?


This path is designed for businesses that want to leverage CMO-level leadership and strategy to create revenue growth using a structured methodology.

Contract: Mo-to-Mo
Hours per month: 40
Retainer: $8,000/month



Fractional + Execution

Do you need to develop a Marketing Strategy along with a plan to deploy your robust Marketing plan?


This option includes Strategy development, launch execution and ongoing iteration, testing, and full oversight.

Contract: 12 months

Hours per week: Customized
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