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What is a Fractional CMO?

The concept of a "fractional" role isn't new — Consultants have played an important role in filling the talent gap for decades. However, during the pandemic, companies realized that a fractional position could work for these important, traditionally W2-only positions.

In fact, in many cases companies realized that fractional expertise actually worked better:

Pie Chart graphic
  • It helped Startups to bring on high-level talent without breaking the bank.

  • It allowed companies to source talent faster and with reduced risk.

  • It didn't require a full compensation and benefits package.

While this fractional framework might not work for every company, it certainly has gained traction in recent years and makes sense — it gives Startups, Early Stage companies, and companies with ambitious growth plans the ability to tap senior-level talent without the high overhead.


Furthermore, it allowed companies to bring on needed talent — often at an accelerated pace which would not have been possible with traditional employment strategies.

How does Fractional Leadership Differ from Consulting?

The chart below provided by Fractionals United, illustrates the differences between these two categories of talent:

Fractional Chart comparison
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